Service visitation plan

June 15th, July, August, September14th------2 visit / weekly
September 15, October, November, December, January, February, March, April, May, June 14th.-------1 visit every 2/ weeks
Note: In the case of Community of property owners or house that are rented in summer season the visitation plan can be increased, adapting to the needs of the installation and use.

Committed to Quality


Basic Chemical Service - Weekly and bi-weekly Visit:

Service includes testing of the water chemistry and addition of needed chemicals to maintain proper water balance within the normal operating environment.

Swimming Pool Full Service - Weekly Visit:

  • Pool surface, sides and bottom are skimmed with a net to collect all debris.         
  • The pool is brushed.
  • All the baskets are emptied and cleaned.
  • The pool floor is and sides are vacuumed as needed.
  • The pool equipment is checked and for proper operation and adjustments are made to optimize the systems efficient performance.
  • The filter is backwashed as required.

Additional services:

Pool acid washing:

Eliminate oxidized metals, algae stains and foreign substances from the surface of your pool.

What is acid washing?

The Costa Blanca is a wonderful place to live given the all the sunshine we are blessed with. This said, extreme sun exposure makes keeping a pool clean very tricky. Many people neglect their