Mantenimiento y reparación de piscinas

Looking for a professional, qualified pool maintenance and repair team? Our team comprises of Certified Pool Operators with the expertise to keep your pool and spa water pristine, safe, healthy and free of harmful bacteria that can make you or your customers sick.

Our twenty-two years of training and experience not only make us knowledgeable, it also make us the very best company to meet all your maintenance and repair services efficiently and safely.

We have been proudly offering pool and spa maintenance and repair services in the Costa Blanca area to commercial and residential customers for twenty-two years. Our top priority is ensuring our customers are 100% satisfied with our performance.

Annual maintenance for pool cleaning, including all the chemical products assuring the good functioning of your pool for the whole year.

  • Filter cleaning.
  • Pump basket cleaning.
  • Skimmers cleaning.
  • Use of sweeper.
  • Ph and chlorine test and control.
  • Timmer schedule fro pump operation.
  • Includes chemical products (ph, chlorine, anti algae, flocculent).