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Pool for extended period of time and this leads to problems.

Done with great care

Acid washing is a very complicated process and should only be done with great care and only by a professional.

Why use acid washing?

The reason to carry out a acid wash is to exfoliate metals, algae, stains and foreign particles. In some cases it is used to remove harmful chemicals. With the power of our acid wash solution , we can resuscitate your pool .An acid wash become vital if the pool has been stagnant for an extended period of time and therefore the algae has taken hold of the pool surfaces.

As a general rule of thumb for determining the need for an acid wash is , if you can see the bottom of the pool floor then you can work with chemicals and labor and filtering to clean localized areas.

If the floor is not clearly visible or if the pool in need of re-grouting it is best cost wise to use and acid wash.

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An efficient pool filter does a far better job of water filtration and greatly reduces energy costs.

Dirty pool filters:

  • Eventually get clogged.
  • Declines and then stops.
  • Makes the pool pump work harder which costs energy and wear out the pump much quicker.
  • Reduces good and efficient water circulation.
  • Less effective chemical distribution and in the case of a heated less efficient warm water distribution.


  • Another way to clean and maintain the pool filter sand in optimal condition.
  • Change the valve to remove flow or backwash.